is featuring an article about the hostile crowd (above) in Seattle last night during WWE RAW featuring a segment with Elias and Kevin Owens.

Elias took a shot at Seattle, wondering why they had an NBA team. As you can see in the clip above, the crowd did not enjoy that and stayed loud during the segment.

Excerpt courtesy of Mike Tedesco’s RAW recap:

Owens says he’ll gladly walk with Elias in Australia when they face Bobby Lashley and John Cena on Saturday. They’re both a couple of great guys. What doesn’t make sense is John Cena teaming with Bobby Lashley. Elias says it makes about as much sense as a basketball team in Seattle. LOUD boos for that. Sustained boos at that. They just sit there admiring the noise. Elias says Oklahoma City is a place he gets. A team here in Seattle just doesn’t make sense. Owens says he’s clearly upset the crowd, but sports aren’t his thing. Something else that isn’t his thing is John Cena. The boos are just continuing to pour down on them. They’re really loud.

WWE continues Susan G. Komen partnership

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