Kevin Nash says “no one cares” about the young talent in WWE, Live WWE Super Show-Down Review

Kevin Nash

Steven Muehlhausen of passed along an interview with Kevin Nash.

I conducted an interview with Kevin Nash during All-In weekend.

Here’s what he said about the criticism from people about The Undertaker vs. Triple H at WWE Super Showdown this weekend and why neither guy is facing a younger talent when the latter can really use it.

No one cares about the young guys. When I watched SummerSlam that (Undertaker and Tripe H) package caught my eye and made me want to see that match. I don’t know if I want to see Roman Reigns versus Undertaker again. What more of a rub can you give than that? He’s [been] given rubs before and they just aren’t getting over.

We discussed this topic further, NWO Reunion Tour, and Bullet Club vs. NWO.

Live WWE Super Show-Down Review

Just a quick reminder that Wrestleview Live will be airing live on YouTube immediately following the Super Show-Down event this Saturday morning!