Chris Day sent this in report in:

After a quick 2 minute set-up for the next show…

Friday Night Smackdown to be aired on March 13th

1. World Tag Team Championship Match

Miz and John Morrison def. WWE Tag Team Champions Primo and Carlito

A pretty good solid tag team contest. I think the belts should be unified at Mania. The Bella twins came out with Carltio and Primo but left with Miz and Morrison.

2. World Heavyweight Champion Edge def. Kofi Kingston
A pretty good match but the crowd had trouble getting into it because it was obvious Edge was gonna win. He made Kofi tap out to his sharpshooter like submission.

Matt Hardy came out to the ring and started talking about all the “accidents” that happened to Jeff. He basicly admitted to them without actually saying “I did it”. Then he brings up how when Jeff got suspended and even though matt was recovering from a legit injury, people only cared about what Jeff was doing. Jeff then brings up the fire and how he called him and all Jeff cared about was his dog. Matt then pulls out what is left of the dog, Jack’s collar. He says “I’ve been waiting for the right time to give this to you. It’s a token, a token of love to my brother.” Jeff comes out and accuses Matt of the accidents saying “I can’t believe my own felsh and blood is capable of this.” He then says “You’re sick, twisted, demented…and so am I” and takes down Matt. Jeff hits some right hands and Matt gets out the ring and heads up the ramp while Jeff sits in the ring holding the collar of his dog.

3. Divas Champion Maryse and Michelle McCool vs WWE Women’s Champion Melina and Maria

The ending came when Maryse tried to tag McCool, while McCool kind of just looked at her. Melina rolled her up for the win. The Maryse and McCool got into a fight. McCool motioned that she wanted her title back.

4. R-Truth and M.V.P. vs Chavo Guerrero and U.S. Champion Shelton Benjamin
A pretty good tag match with Benjamin hitting Pay Dirt on M.V.P. for the win.

5. Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Finlay w/ Hornswoggle def. The Brian Kendrick w/ Ezikiel Jackson after hitting Kendrick with the Celtic Cross.

A promo is shown to the crowd promoting Monday Night Raw coming to Bridgeport, CT the night after Backlash on April 27th. This is also 2 weeks after the draft.

6. The Undertaker vs Vladmir Kozlov
Both men hit there high spots in this one. Kozlov hitting the headbutt and powerslam, Taker hitting snake eyes and old school. Taker hits a chokeslam and follows it up with a Tombstone Piledriver for the win.

Taker poses in the ring after the match.

Post-Show Dark Match – World Heavywight Championship Match

Edge def. Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy

Jeff hit Matt with a Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb, but Edge then pushed him out and pinned Matt for the win.

After the Match, Edge quickly left while Jeff got back in the ring. Jeff extended his hand to his brother. Matt looked unsure and right as the shook hands Jeff hit another Twist of Fate.

Justin Roberts closed the night by saying “We hope you all enjoyed your night more than Matt Hardy enjoyed his.”