Chris Day sent this in report in:

Dark Match

Erik Escobar def. Kizarny

Escobar did a promo before the match drawing some pretty strong heat. Kizarny surprisingly was really over with the crowd. Escobar won with an Inverted DDT.

Friday Night Smackdown for March 6th

The Undertaker opens the show with a promo about his streak and WrestleMania. During the promo, a video for HBK interrupts. Undertaker said “I know what you’re doing Shawn, and you picked the wrong person to play mind games with. Because like I told you before, sometimes it’s hell, getting to heaven.”

1. Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Matt Hardy vs M.V.P.

Before the match, Hardy got on the mic and said that once he wins this match, and when Jeff wins his MitB match later, he’ll finally be able to get his hands on him at WM25. However, M.V.P. def. Matt Hardy with a roll-up to qualify for the MitB match at WrestleMania

2. R-Truth def. Chavo Guerrero with the spinning axe kick.

3. Maryse def. Eve Torres.
Michelle McCool did commentary during the match. After Maryse won, Melina hit the ring and attacked Maryse. Michelle McCool got in and took out Melina.

WrestleMania 25 World Heavyweight Championship Contract signing.

Vickie Guerrero came out and started talking when Edge interupted her. He asked “what was she doing? Why was Big Show getting a title shot?” Vickie says her relationship with the Big Show is strictly professional. Big Show comes out and says Edge should know the truth. And the truth is “Vickie sees me as a better champion than you. She knows I’m a stronger champion than you. Because you take shortcuts and the easy ways out.” Big Show signs the contract. Right as Edge is about to, John Cena’s music hits and he rushes the ring. He takes out Big Show with a low blow and a shot to the head with the title. Cena takes out Edge with the table in the ring and then goes and whispers something to Vickie. She starts to cry as Cena leaves.

4. Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Jeff Hardy vs. U.S. Champion Shelton Benjamin

During the match, Matt Hardy comes down to the ring and stares down Jeff. He gets in the ring, looks at Jeff and then kicks Shelton causing the DQ giving Shelton the win. Matt then turns around giving Jeff a free shot. Jeff does nothing and Matt leaves smiling.

Edge and Vickie are backstage and Edge says he wants to sign the contract. Vickie still freaking out says it will be signed Monday night on Raw.

5. WWE Champion Triple H vs Umaga

This match didn’t last all that long as Legacy showed up coming through the crowd. Triple H put up a pretty good fight for a while but after it ended, Triple H was out.