Titus O’Neil’s mom Daria Bullard is featured in an interview on WWE.com. She opens up about her being molested by her mother’s boyfriend when she was only 10 years old. As a result, she was pregnant with Titus O’Neil and became a mother at the age of 11.

She was scared and didn’t tell her grandparents. She was ashamed and embarrassed like it was her fault this happened, when it wasn’t.

Titus talks about it being a struggle for his mom and that he had found out when he was 17. All the hate he had towards his mom turned into love when he found out the truth and realized that it was a kid trying to raise a kid.

She still gets emotional thinking about it at times, even though it’s not her fault, it still bothers her. She tries to forget about her childhood being taken away and tends to focus more on the good things. It could have been worse, she says. Her son is a blessing to her. You can watch the entire interview above.