Newly signed NXT star Matt Riddle was on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show on ESPN (above) this week to talk about his transition from the world of mixed martial arts to pro wrestling.

Riddle talks in detail about being cut by the UFC and embracing the independent wrestling scene, including getting a huge reaction at NXT TakeOver in Brooklyn.

“New York is a very smart wrestling town, a very smart wrestling community. I wasn’t too shocked, but at the same time when you go into those situations, you never know how they are going to perceive you. In your mind you hope they react…of course, they did for me. Which was amazing. I got one of the biggest pops they’ve heard in a very long time. They put it over pretty good. For a guy who hasn’t been on TV since 2012, I thought it was crazy that 20,000 people were just going crazy chanting bro.”

Former ROH star at Performance Center

WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page shared a photo working at the WWE’s Performance Center again in Orlando recently.

Former Ring of Honor star and Television Champion Punishment Martinez was spotted in the photo, confirming earlier reports that he was heading to WWE.