During the latest edition of Post-RAW #11 (above), Mike and Victoria Tedesco read listener feedback to WWE’s decision to move forward with running the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia in two weeks despite media backlash in the last week.

Media continues to cover WWE’s controversial decision to not cancel the event in the fallout from the murder allegations brought against the Saudis regarding the disappearance of United States resident/Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi a few weeks ago.

Deadspin recently profiled how WWE has been handling the backlash, including the “talking points” used by Randy Orton with TMZ and JBL on Fox Business.

“WWE has a set of talking points on its Saudi deal, and being a change agent has been central part of the narrative; deflecting from the country’s persistent and flagrant human rights violations at home and abroad to focus on the absence of women wrestlers from the Saudi shows is also a part of that story. As per usual, it’s hard to know how sincere anyone involved is being, or allowed to be.”

It should be noted that WWE.com has once again made the decision to drop any mention of “Saudi Arabia” or “King Saud University Stadium” from the official listing online.