Here is a list of female superstars who have captured single championships traditionally held by men. “Women who won men’s titles” is featured in this weeks’ WWE List This!

1) Chyna
At No Mercy 1999, Chyna beat Jeff Jarrett to capture the WWE Intercontinental championship. A year later at WWE SummerSlam, Chyna won the Intercontinental title again.

2) Madusa and Daffney
Two months after Chyna’s win, WCW followed. Madusa defeated Evan Karagias at Starrcade to win the Cruiserweight championship. Five months later on Nitro, Daffney became a Co-Cruiserweight champion with Crowbar. The following week on Nitro, she beat Crowbar with an assist from Chris Candido to become the undisputed Cruiserweight champion.

3) WWE Hardcore championship
In May of 2000, One of Godfather’s “associcates” (we’ll call her that) won the WWE Hardcore championship by pinning Crash Holly. At Wrestlemania 18, Mighty Molly betrayed Hurricane Helms when she hit him with a frying pan and got the 1,2,3 to win the Hardcore championship. She eventually got pinned by Christian the same night to lose the title. Trish Stratus won the Hardcore title when she pinned Crash Holly on RAW in May of 2002. Trish wasn’t even in the match, she had her own match seconds prior to that. Terri Runnels was announcing backstage when Stevie Richards (who was Hardcore champion that night) was attacked, then Terri simply pinned him and she became WWE Hardcore champion. Richards immediately pinned Terri to recapture his title.

4) Jacqueline
In 2004, WWE Hall of Famer, Jacqueline defeated Chavo Guerrero to win the WWE Cruiserweight championship. Jacqueline was the last female superstar to win a men’s title.