As seen in the video above, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins won the WWE RAW Tag Team championships during the main event of last night’s RAW from Providence.

Moments later after the match concluded, Ambrose attacked Rollins.

Here is an excerpt of Mike Tedesco’s RAW Report:

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose celebrate in the ring. Ambrose then hits Rollins with Dirty Deeds out of nowhere! Ambrose gets emotional and punches the mat in frustration. The crowd is absolutely stunned. Rollins comes to and says it’s ok. Ambrose then wildly attacks Rollins and yells in his face. Ambrose makes Rollins say “sorry” before attacking him again. The boos are pouring down on Ambrose. Ambrose gets out of the ring and tells him to watch his mouth talking about “Lunatic Time.” Ambrose throws him into the timekeeper’s area and attacks him again.

Ambrose takes the RAW Tag Team Championships and throws them onto Rollins before rolling back the padding at ringside. Ambrose attacks Rollins again and hits Dirty Deeds on the exposed floor! The crowd is completely floored. Ambrose rips off his black shirt and leaves through the crowd.