According to a new report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the plan as of right now is for Mickey Rourke to be at ringside at WrestleMania 25 and get involved in the finish in some form of the match Chris Jericho is slated to take part in. The working idea involves building up Rourke as a former boxer, so the crowd would be solidly behind him and Jericho would be hit with a punch from Rourke.

As far as the match itself goes, Vince McMahon is reportedly telling people he has the idea covered, but virtually nobody seems to know what that idea is. This has amazed many people considering the show is only six weeks out and is the company’s biggest show of the year. Hulk Hogan’s name was tossed out during discussions between the two parties, but it doesn’t appear it will be happening at this point unless something changes in the next few weeks.

One rumored opponent for Jericho has been Jerry Lawler since he could be mixed into the “legends” deal they have been doing on TV with Ric Flair, Roddy Piper and Ricky Steamboat. Lawler has been putting over on the mic during his commentary every week how appalled he has been with Jericho’s action so that appears to be a hint. Plus, believe it or not, Lawler has never wrestled at a WrestleMania and at his age (59) this would seem like his best shot to take part in the festivities.