WWE has uploaded the entire main event (above) from last night’s Evolution PPV, which featured Ronda Rousey defending the RAW Women’s Title against Nikki Bella.

You can check out our live coverage below from last night during Evolution:

Main Event
RAW Women’s Championship

Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Nikki Bella w/ Brie Bella

We get ring introductions for the champion Rousey and challenger Nikki.

Rousey with a takedown right away on Nikki. Another takedown. We get a distraction from Brie at ringside allowing Nikki to send Rousey face first into the steel ring post. Brie then tosses Rousey off the post with a distraction by Nikki inside the ring. Nikki tosses Rousey back inside and Rousey quickly kicks out. Back on the outside, Nikki tosses Rousey against the steel barricade. Rousey again kicks out when they return inside. Rousey kicks Nikki away. Commentary is trying to imply that Rousey is in trouble. Another distraction from Brie allows Nikki to rough up Rousey in the corner. Nikki with an abdominal stretch submission applied on Rousey. Nikki breaks it up and props Rousey up on the top turnbuckle. Brie nearly interferes again, but backs off. This allows Nikki to connect with a kick to the head. Rousey fights off Nikki again, jumps, Nikki moves and Rousey lands with a thud inside the ring. Nikki attempts a baseball slide, Rousey moves and Nikki immediately favors her neck. Rousey rolls through and gets Nikki on her shoulders. Brie jumps up on the ring apron. Rousey walks forward and props Brie up on her shoulders. Rousey drops both Nikki and Brie back on the mat. Rousey with a big kick that sends Nikki flying to the corner. Rousey with strikes to Nikki in the corner. Rousey with a series of judo tosses. Rousey with a slap to Nikki in the corner. Rousey tosses Nikki over her head. Nikki bails and Rousey tosses her back inside. Brie with a right hand to Rousey. Rousey grabs Brie. Rousey tosses Brie over the announce table. Back inside, Nikki with an Alabama Slam on Rousey for a close two count. Nikki sends Rousey shoulder first into the corner. Nikki with the Rack Attack, hooks the leg and Rousey kicks out. Nikki is sitting up on the top turnbuckle. Rousey counters and pulls her down in a small package rolling through to her feet. Rousey has the arm of Nikki and applies the armbar. Nikki taps out.

Winner and still RAW Women’s Champion: Ronda Rousey

Backstage, we see Nia Jax watching. Jax is the next up for a title shot.

The entire WWE women’s locker room is on stage. They embrace Rousey and celebrate the historic night tonight at the Nassau Coliseum.

A video package runs showing highlights from tonight’s first-ever women’s event.