Shawn Michaels

DX gets the win over The Undertaker and Kane

In his first match back since WrestleMania 26 in 2010, Shawn Michaels picked up a win tagging with Triple H (as DX) against The Undertaker and Kane in the main event of Friday’s WWE Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia.

The finish saw Michaels connect with Sweet Chin Music on Kane and Triple H follow up with a Pedigree to get the pinfall victory for the team.

Excerpt courtesy of Mike Tedesco’s live Crown Jewel recap:

Triple H tries for a Pedigree on Undertaker, but he’s countered with a back body drop. Triple H finally hits the Pedigree and knocks Kane out of the ring. Undertaker manages to get Triple H in Hell’s Gate. Michaels runs in, and Kane grabs him by the throat. Michaels gets out and gives Kane some Sweet Chin Music. Kane falls onto Undertaker, which breaks Hell’s Gate. The Brothers of Destruction sit up and go for stereo Tombstone Piledrivers. Michaels rakes the eyes of Kane. Michaels gives Undertaker Sweet Chin Music. Kane then eats some Sweet Chin Music. Triple H follows up with a Pedigree on Kane for the win.