During Smackdown Live on Tuesday, NXT star Nikki Cross made her main roster debut answering an open challenge from Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

Excerpt courtesy of Roy Nemer’s live Smackdown recap:

Becky says she was not hand picked like her but here she is. She wasn’t meant to main event but here she is. She wasn’t meant to be the talk of the entire industry but here she is. Becky says at Survivor Series, Ronda will know that it’s not her respect she is going after but it’s her arm. She doesn’t care if Ronda is the baddest bitch on the planet because she will make Ronda her bitch. Becky says she is so fired up, she wants to fight right now. She calls anyone out. Out comes NXT star Nikki Cross with SAnitY.

Nikki gets on the microphone and tells Becky she will play with her. Becky says the champion doesn’t play, the champion fights.

Lynch would go on to defeat Cross via submission in a non-title match.