Update on Becky Lynch getting busted open during RAW and how it likely happened

Becky Lynch

As reported on last night, Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch was busted open during the final segment of RAW and remained bloody until the close of the show.

The segment, which featured members of the Smackdown women’s roster “invading” RAW, also saw Ronda Rousey get involved and later attacked by Lynch with a steel chair.

It wasn’t apparent at the time how Lynch got busted open as the camera movement was all over the place during the brawl. It now appears an elbow from Nia Jax was the culprit, as Lynch was spotted falling down and immediately grabbing her face.

Despite the accident, the feedback to the segment was overwhelmingly positive on Twitter and seemed to help the hype for Survivor Series this Sunday.


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