Chicago to host Survivor Series weekend next year including live FOX broadcast

Survivor Series

The Chicago Tribune reported today that the Allstate Arena in Chicago (technically Rosemont) will play the host to Survivor Series weekend next year.

WWE will be holding television tapings from November 22-25 at the arena, including what will be the new television taping schedule going forward with Smackdown Live moving to the FOX broadcast network next October and airing live every Friday.

The schedule as of now will include a live broadcast of Smackdown on FOX on November 22, NXT TakeOver on November 23, Survivor Series on November 24 and Monday Night RAW on November 25. Smackdown debuts on FOX on October 4 in 2019.

This means every host city for WWE’s four biggest Pay Per View events of the year are now set. This includes Royal Rumble in Phoenix this January, WrestleMania 35 weekend in New York/New Jersey, SummerSlam in Toronto and Survivor Series in Chicago.

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