Braun Strowman

WWE star Braun Strowman is currently scheduled to undergo surgery this Monday in Birmingham, Alabama according to a report by PWInsider.

As reported earlier, WWE confirmed Strowman would be requiring surgery on his elbow. While the company is pushing the storyline on RAW that Strowman’s “attack” caused the injury, it was reported later that Strowman is suffering from bone spurs in his elbow.

As of now, the hope internally within WWE is that Strowman will have enough time to recover from surgery to wrestle at the TLC PPV on December 16. However, until the surgery is actually performed, a return date hasn’t been confirmed just yet.

Should the match with Corbin go forth, it carries an interesting stipulation. If Strowman wins, he earns a shot at the Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble.  If Corbin wins, he gets to be the permanent General Manager of RAW.