Update on Hulk Hogan internet reports

There is lots of buzz among the wrestling media today in regards to new reports of WWE reaching out to Hulk Hogan to become involved in WrestleMania 25 this year in Houston, TX.

As you could probably guess, there are many conflicting reports making the rounds. One report is indicating that there has been no discussions between WWE and Hogan, while another is stating that WWE reached out to Hogan or Hogan reached out to WWE as recently as this past Sunday to get involved in WrestleMania. Regardless of the conflicting reports, it is almost certain the two sides have had some kind of discussion although nothing is set in stone about Hogan making an appearance.

What makes things interesting is that one report was stating WWE had interest in booking a match between Hogan and John Cena for WrestleMania. However, WWE TV this week seemed to point to a different plan of having a match between Edge and Cena instead on the show. Another idea was to possibly have a match between Hogan and Chris Jericho to play off the storyline of Jericho insulting wrestling legends if things do not work out as previously planned with Mickey Rourke (something we will have more details on this weekend).

There were reports a few weeks ago about Hogan attempting to lobby himself in a match or involvement with WrestleMania 25 saying he would like to work with Steve Austin and would have no problem losing to him on the show. Austin was and has been against this idea for many years now and his involvement with WrestleMania is also up in the air considering the plans it appears WWE has put into play for the show. It should be noted that when Bubba The Love Sponge, a close friend of Hogan’s, was asked recently on his radio show about Hogan appearing at WrestleMania 25 this year since WWE was showing so many clips of Hogan on WWE TV recently. Bubba stated there was a reason WWE was doing that and he couldn’t comment any further. This will no doubt continue to spark speculation of a Hogan appearance at WrestleMania this year.

Sources: ProWrestling.net & PWInsider.com