The following took place on Tuesday in Portland, OR.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Tapings for February 27:

– John Cena walks out and says he wants his World Heavyweight Title rematch with Edge. Edge accepts the challenge, but not for tonight. Vickie annnounces that Cena will face Big Show tonight.

– WWE Tag Team Champions Carlito & Primo defeated World Tag Team Champions John Morrison & The Miz. After the match, The Colons leave with The Bella Twins.

– Big Show defeated John Cena after Edge distracted him.

– Vladimir Kozlov defeated The Undertaker.

– Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy never takes place. Jeff comes out and says he will not wrestle Matt. Matt cuts a promo on him and slaps Jeff. Jeff walks away.

– Chavo Guerrero defeated WWE U.S. Champion Shelton Benjamin when MVP distracted Benjamin.

Post-Taping Bonus Match: The Undertaker defeated Big Show in a Casket Match.