Update on WWE and MyNetworkTV

With MyNetworkTV recently announcing that they would largely start becoming a rerun network with WWE programming being the only original new content in a cost cutting move, many believe this could be the beginning of the end for the network reports PWInsider. It was a big risk for WWE to move to the network last year and the company signing a recent TV deal with WGN was considered a backup if problems with MyNetworkTV grew worse.

While the “WWE Superstars” program will debut on WGN in April, if problems get worse with MyNetworkTV then the plan is for WWE to move Smackdown to WGN. While the negative of having a show like Smackdown on WGN is low market penetration since WGN is not on in major parts of the country such as New York, it should be noted that the Tribune Company (who parents WGN) owns a number of stations throughout the country in big markets like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas and Washington, D.C. So this could allow WWE programming to get the market penetration they get currently with MyNetworkTV and had previously with The CW Network. WWE was already said to be prepared to make this move if things do not work out with MyNetworkTV.