WWE has uploaded a video (above) looking back at 10 unforgettable TLC moments.

Some of the moments include Natalya struggling to break a table, WeeLC between Hornswoggle and El Torito, John Cena hitting a double AA, Jericho taking a nasty bump over the top rope, AJ Styles hitting a 450 splash through a table, Rob Van Dam hitting his Van Terminator, Kalisto hitting the Salida Del Sol off the top off a ladder, John Cena dumping Edge off a ladder with an AA, the now infamous Edge spear off the ladder on Jeff Hardy and The Shield hitting double elbows off the top of ladders.

Update on NXT star Hanson being injured

WWE.com reported yesterday that NXT star Hanson of The War Raiders was currently out of action after suffering “broken ribs, a ruptured spleen and torn ligaments” following the WarGames match last month on the WWE Network.

F4WOnline is reporting that this is simply a storyline involving Hanson.