No Way Out news and notes

Austen Allen sent these notes in:

To follow up on the e-mail I originally sent about Cena being promoted as defending the title for the first time inside the Elimination Chamber, WWE has now changed their No Way Out promos which now say that for the first time ever, both the WWE title and World Heavyweight title are being defended for the first time inside the Elimination Chamber which, again, isn’t correct. Triple H defended the World Heavyweight title inside the Chamber at SummerSlam 2003 and like I said Cena defended the WWE title inside the Chamber at New Year’s Revolution 2006. I’m not doing this for the sake of it but you’d think WWE would know their own history better than the fans.

Was just looking through the Sky Sports schedule for tonight and noticed something strange. Usually on a Sunday whether there’s a PPV on or not,Sky Sports show WWE Experience, WWE Afterburn and WWE Vintage Collection, if the PPV is being shown on Box Office they show some previews between these shows also. Tonight’s line up has WWE Experience from 7-8pm on Sky Sports Xtra,WWE Afterburn from 11:30pm-12:30am on Sky Sports 3 and No Way Out Live on Sky Sports 1 from 1-4am. There’s no other huge sporting event on preventing them from showing the usual line up either. The No Way Out repeat is on tomorrow night from 9pm-12am.

Update: We’ve had many readers send us word that WWE’s promotion for No Way Out is actually correct tonight regarding the World Heavyweight Title and WWE Title. Thanks for sending word about this.