WWE attendance figures courtesy of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

2/6 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada (Raw): Sellout of 5,500 fans.

2/6 in Kennewick, WA (Smackdown): 2,000 fans.

2/7 in Victoria, B.C., Canada (Raw): 5,000 fans.

2/7 in Yakima, WA (Smackdown): Not known.

2/8 in Sacramento, CA (Raw): 9,500 fans.

2/8 in Bakersfield, CA (Smackdown): Sellout of 2,500 fans.

2/9 in Oakland, CA (Raw taping): 12,000 fans.

2/10 in Fresno, CA (Smackdown/ECW taping): Not known.