SPOILERS: Impact Tapings for 2/19

The following took place on Tuesday in Orlando, FL.

TNA Impact Tapings for February 19:

Xplosion: Roxxi defeated Madison Rayne.

– The show opens with Jim Cornette, Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley backstage talking about the Empty Arena match between Sting and Kurt Angle.

– Kurt Angle walks out and said TNA has finally made the right decision. He said all he wants is him and Sting alone in the Impact Zone.

– The Motor City Machineguns defeated Lethal Consequences in a Street Fight.

– Dave Penzer announces that when the Impact Zone is cleared, fans will watch the Empty Arnea match on the monitors outside.

– Backstage, members of the Main Event Mafia are arguing. Angle calls out Booker T. Booker leaves and is then attacked by AJ Styles in the hallway with the TNA Legends Title.

– Beer Money, Inc. walk out. Robert Roode says they are the best and they have taken out every team given to them in TNA. They come up with a special idea called the Off The Wagon Challenge. James Storm explains that they will put the tag titles on the line anytime, anyplace, but whoever gets pinned will have to leave TNA forever. He said they can’t come back under a mask, be an announcer or a cameraman. The challenge starts tonight.

– LAX & Referee Shane Sewell defeated Matt Morgan, Sheik Abdul Bashir & Brutus Magnus.

– Taylor Wilde & Gov. Palin defeated Angelina Love & Velvet Sky.

– Off The Wagon Challenge Match: Beer Money, Inc. defeated Eric Young & Petey Williams. Roode pinned Petey Williams. Williams is now gone from TNA.

– The fans in the Impact Zone leave for the Empty Arena match.

– TNA World Champion Sting vs. Kurt Angle in an Empty Arena match goes to a no contest. They battled all over the Impact Zone and Sting had Angle begging to stop. Sting had a chair and was about to hit Angle when Kevin Nash appeared at ringside. Nash took the chair from Sting and Scott Steiner ran out holding back Angle. Nash held back Sting. Sting then extended his hand to Angle and Angle accepted. Angle then spit in his face.

Source: PWInsider.com