New WWE statement on Chris Jericho

The following statement was issued on today:

“After leaving a live event in Victoria, British Columbia on Saturday evening, Chris Jericho’s car was attacked by a mob when he was stopped at a stop sign. Unable to proceed, Jericho exited his car to ask the crowd to clear a path so he could continue through the intersection. A man and a woman physically and verbally assaulted Jericho. Arena and WWE security arrived to establish enough order to allow Jericho to re-enter his vehicle and depart. The local police arrived minutes later. Jericho was unharmed in the incident. The man and woman who assaulted Jericho were arrested.”

The Times Colonist also has an article up at this link looking at the incident in Victoria on Saturday. Keep in mind that much of the incident described in the article was based off the YouTube clips that made the rounds on Sunday. No charges have been filed yet as investigators continue to try and contact WWE and Jericho. Police want any witnesses to contact them.

Other media have also picked up on the story including Fox Sports at this link that again seems to paint the picture as only a fan who was hit in the face by Jericho and that is it. How they can write entire articles like this based off of YouTube clips is beyond me.