Paul London Interview Recap

Paul London was a guest on last night’s Wrestling Observer radio show. Here are the news and notes from the interview:

– London said there are pros and cons to being released by WWE, and of course, the biggest con is the lack of a steady paycheck.

– He said he could see the writing on the wall regarding his lack of a future in WWE. ?It’s just a job, everybody gets fired,? said London. London said this was the forth job he had been fired from.

– He said if he could say one thing about the reason he was let go it was just him being himself. He didn?t attribute this departure on the smiling at Vince McMahon incident on Raw as others have speculated.

– London said of the Mr. McMahon incident on Raw, all he was told was that McMahon would be walking and acting more peculiar than usual. He said the instruction he received was very vague. London said he had no idea Mr. McMahon was ?going to die.? He was said he was just standing there with his friends Brian Kendrick and Jimmy Yang Wang.

– He said he wasn?t yelled at over the incident. London said the angle wasn?t shot in one take. He said they did nine shoots, and that he had his smile there in every take.

– He said he attended Westlake high school in Austin, Texas, and talked about his amateur wrestling background. London said they didn?t have a wrestling team, so he and his friends found a teacher to coach the team. London said he was a Varsity letterman and the team captain. London said he had a great year, but got injured. ?I did like amateur wrestling, but I just wanted to be jump off of stuff,? said London.

– London said wrestling magazines peaked his interest in wrestling. He would pick up wrestling magazines at the grocery store and smuggle them out.

– London recalled a 1991 magazine cover featuring Hulk Hogan, and the craziness of wrestling appealed to him. London said he would cut the pictures out and post them on his wall.

– He said he started to watch wrestling, and even enjoyed the enhancement guys and matches. He said enjoyed Dusty Wolfe, and later had the joy of meeting and working with him. London also liked Jim Powers because he was jacked.

– London said at age sixteen, he convinced his father to send him to a wrestling school in Florida.

– He talked about training at Shawn Michaels? wrestling school in Texas, but said that he did his training with Rudy Gonzalez, as at the time, he was preparing to return to the WWE.

– London said that by the time he started his training, Spanky, Brian Danielson, and Michael Shane had all graduated and moved on.

– He believes WWE gave him and Kendrick the tag team titles because ?They didn?t want us there in the first place, and they didn?t have anyone better.?

– He said his next stint with Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and has been a fan of their product and is looking forward to working with them.