Braun Strowman “stripped” from his Universal Title opportunity against Brock Lesnar

Braun Strowman loses championship opportunity

Braun Strowman has “lost” his WWE Universal Championship opportunity against Brock Lesnar at thee Royal Rumble PPV in two weeks.

Vince McMahon stripped him from that opportunity at the beginning of RAW. At least for now. Tune in to Mike Tedtesco’s RAW report to see what happens next on RAW. It remains unclear if this decision was made due to Strowman not being cleared yet.

Why did Strowman lose of his Universal title opportunity?

Braun Strowman opened up RAW. Baron Corbin came out and they started exchanging words, which led to Strowman running after Corbin backstage.

Elias ended up telling Strowman that Baron Corbin is hiding in the limousine (same limousine that Vince McMahon arrived in). Strowman destroyed the limousine door and window. Baron Corbin ran away.

McMahon says Strowman is a wrecking ball. This will cost him $100,000. Strowman is furious and says this piece of crap is not worth it. McMahon says if he’s going to raise his voice, his Universal Championship match is canceled. Strowman is furious while McMahon walks off. Strowman then grabs the bottom of the limo and tips it over in fury.