Drew Wilson sent this report in:

Just got back from Smackdown/ECW here in Kansas City and thought I would send you the rundown.

Smackdown taping:

Jericho begins the show with a promo, stating that he is the next World Champion… Jericho is interrupted by Edge who, to sum up, agrees that he kinda hopes Jericho wins so he can take the title from him at Wrestlemania. In the middle of this exchange the lights flicker and both men stop expecting The Undertaker who never shows.

Kane defeats Dolph Ziggler in the opening match via DQ when Drew McIntyre unsucessfully jumps Kane. On a side note, when McIntyre’s music initially hit, Kane left his back to Ziggler, Ziggler makes a run for Kane, as if to do the Zig Zag, but instead attempts a sleeper hold. Found that odd considering Ziggler is supposed to be “Perfection.”

Backstage promo with Rey. Basically hyping his part in the Chamber match.

Cryme Tyme defeats Croft and Barreta… Obviously we didn’t hear any commentary in the arena, but it appears to me as if Croft and Barreta have been picked up by Smackdown.

The Society comes out and in a pre-match promo Punk continues his preachings that were to the same extent as to what we are used to hearing.

The Society defeats John Morrison and R-Truth after Morrison re-injures his ankle in a spot where him and Punk are on the apron near the cornerpost, Morrison attempts to kick Punk, Punk ducks causing Morrison to kick the post. The ref proceeds to throw out the match similar to last week. Punk continues to attack morrison’s leg (Truth has been incapacitated at this point) until Rey comes out to make the save, but utimately fails.

Backstage promo with Teddy and Vickie. Mickie James enters the office and attempts to apologize to Vickie again for last week’s pie in the face. Vickie responds by telling Mickie that Michelle McCool has invoked her rematch clause for next week and that Vickie will be the guest ref.

Hart Dynasty defeats The Great Khali, Matt Hardy, and Maria in a mixed tag match.

Backstage post match: Maria is upset and apologizes to Matt for the loss. (Maria was pinned by Natalya) Matt consols her and tells her that it happens and it’s ok. Compliments her flirtatiously, leans in for the kiss and Michelle McCool and Layla show up to interrupt the kiss. They poke fun at them causing Maria to walk away. Matt tells the “Children” to grow up which received a nice pop from the crowd.

In the main event Edge defeats Batista by DQ (Not officially announced, but Edge was the one attacked) at the end of the match the lights went out and when they came back on Undertaker has Edge by the neck and chokeslams him. Undertaker exits, when he makes it to the top of the ramp Jericho appears from (I believe) the crowd and delievers the codebreaker to Edge. Jericho looks up at Taker and signals that he is the next World Champion and Taker responds with his “vintage” throat cut. Jericho picks up Edge screaming/yelling at him in the process, Edge pushes Jericho into the ropes and spears him.

Not sure when things went off the air to the TV audience after the main event.

Post show “Main Event”: Undertaker defeats Batista to retain the World Championship. At the end a series of finishers were hit by run-ins in the following order: Punk, Matt Hardy, Drew McIntyre, Kane, Batista then nails Kane. Batista turns around into the tombstone for the finish.