Rourke and Jericho on Larry King

Mickey Rourke appeared on CNN’s “Larry King Live” on Tuesday night to promote “The Wrestler” and discuss his comeback. Chris Jericho was brought on the show towards the end and they continued to tease a possible match between the two at WrestleMania 25.

Jericho stayed in character most of the time with the exception of his comments about the movie saying it did not represent what he does in WWE and instead shows what happens in the “minor leagues” for someone who is either on the way up or down in their career. He did say he thought Rourke did a great job representing the business.

It came off so-so when Jericho tried to get something going between himself and Rourke as Rourke didn’t seem interested in building anything as it pertained to WrestleMania. He did toss out that if they were to have a boxing match or bare knuckle fight at WrestleMania that he would be ready to go, but that wrestling is not his thing or his world. It has potential, but Larry King probably wasn’t the best place to get things going. Highlights should be up at this link on Wednesday or Thursday.