Steve Austin

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin was a guest recently on Fight Nation on SiriusXM satellite radio and was asked about his character being compared to Becky Lynch.

Austin was asked if she is the female version of Stone Cold right now in WWE.

“Well, I guess she is if everybody says she is. She does remind me a lot of myself. If you line up that women’s roster, if you line up the men’s roster back in the day when I was still in the ring and you said hey, I want you to pick my next breakout superstar. I don’t think you are going to pick out Becky Lynch and I damn sure know you wouldn’t have picked me out of a lineup.

She has willed herself. She has worked her ass off. Vince McMahon wants everyone there to be a star. He’s gonna set you up and give you opportunities. She made the most of those opportunities when they tried to slam the door on her, she kicked the door down and just burst back through it. She is the hottest thing going right now.”

Dash Wilder wants old tag team titles brought back

Dash Wilder of The Revival, the new RAW Tag Team Champions, hinted on Twitter that he would like WWE to bring back the old look of the tag team championships.