Bruce Prichard returning to WWE as a member of the creative team starting Monday

Bruce Prichard

PWInsider is reporting that Bruce Prichard has agreed on terms for a full-time return to WWE as part of the company’s creative team.

Prichard is expected to start as early as this the RAW taping this Monday night in Atlanta. He was let go back in 2008 after spending 16 years with WWE, in a role where he reported directly to Vince McMahon and was described as one of his “top lieutenants.”

He transitioned to a backstage role with TNA Wrestling in 2010, later parting ways in 2013. Prichard briefly returned to the company in 2017 after it was purchased by Anthem following the success of his “Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard” podcast.

Prichard’s podcast, along with Conrad Thompson, would go on to become of the most popular wrestling podcasts out today. WWE ended up creating a spin off version of the podcast for the WWE Network, supported by exclusive WWE footage.

What this means for his podcast going forward remains to be seen.