Press Release: WWE’s Royal Rumble to sell out

The following was issued by WWE today:

January 22, 2009

STAMFORD, CT ??? January 22, 2009 ??? Detroit, the home of this Sunday??’s Royal Rumble pay per view, is one of the most depressed markets in the country. However, despite the recession, World Wrestling Entertainment????’s demand remains high as the Rumble at Joe Louis Arena is virtually sold out. For those that are not fortunate enough to attend the Royal Rumble, fans can watch the event on pay per view.

The WWE considers itself ???The best value in entertainment,??? said Linda McMahon, CEO of WWE. ???We give more bang for the buck at live events and pay per views. You???re guaranteed 3 hours of electrifying action. No quick knockouts or submissions as in boxing or mixed martial arts.???

The suggested retail price for WWE pay per views is $39.95, with an average of four viewers per household. This means that the average cost per individual per WWE pay per view is $9.99. Since WWE pay per views are distributed directly to the home, parking is free, Mom provides the refreshments, and no waiting in line for the bathroom.

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