JR on the commentating team for “Superstars” show

Jim Ross has commented on which broadcast team will be handling the new “WWE Superstars” program on WGN this April. Here is what JR had to say:

“No one seems to know who will be broadcasting the new WGN Superstars of Wrestling show which airs, I think, after WM25. From what I can tell, and trust me this could change, the WGN bouts will be 1st run and would likely be taped on Mondays before Raw when Raw is in the eastern and central time zones. ECW and Smackdown would then return to their Tuesday partnership. Thank God the days of the Smackdown doubleheaders are nearing an end. They are as challenging as watching the Mets die a natural death every fall. Again, this info is subject to change. Not sure of the announce talent, either, but I would LOVE to hear more of Grisham & Striker.”

To check out JR’s full blog (where he also mentions a feature will be done on “The Wrestler” this Friday on Smackdown), click here.