SNL stars to be special guests on RAW tomorrow, History of The Nation of Domination


WWE is reporting that “Saturday Night Live” stars Michael Che and Colin Jost, who host the “Weekend Update” on the show, will be special guests on RAW tomorrow night.

“Yes, the popular duo of SNL’s “Weekend Update” will be special guests on tomorrow’s Raw from Philadelphia. With neither Che or Jost afraid to tell it like it is, what will the two popular personalities have in store for the longest running episodic program in television history?”

History of The Nation of Domination is featuring an “oral history” of the former Nation of Domination group, which featured Ron Simmons, D’Lo Brown, The Godfather, Mark Henry and The Rock.

Simmons, Brown, Godfather and Henry are all interviewed for the piece.


“When that entrance theme song hit, “We are The Nation…,” people hated us. They just hated us [Laughs], and we loved it. We’re a bunch of hard-hitting dudes, nobody would step to us.”

Ron Simmons:

“As you know, most of those factions like that can turn out to be either great or [disastrous] but, in this case it just so happened that all of us came into it with individual personalities and we had something that we’ve already built off of and the best part out of it was this: that we all cared and loved each other. That’s the biggest thing.”