Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows

Mike Johnson at PWInsider is reporting that the one of main topics of conversation at this past week’s Smackdown Live tapings was the future of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

According to the report, Anderson and Gallows had multiple meetings with WWE about their future over the last several days and turned down “multi-million dollar deals” from the company.  It is being said they are looking to exit WWE after their current contracts expire in late September of 2019.

Gallows and Anderson made headlines in 2016 when they left New Japan Pro Wrestling for WWE.  The report from Johnson also states that the duo has not been pleased over the recent years in how they have booked after their initial arrival to WWE, which includes inconsistent television appearances and storylines. 

Before their WWE run the pair spent a long time working for New Japan Pro Wrestling as a main part of the Bullet Club faction. It even appeared at one point as if WWE was going to recreate their own version of faction with both men and fellow Bullet Club member AJ Styles who also signed with WWE just prior to both Anderson and Gallows.

Also according to Johnson’s report, one source pointed out that while Anderson and Gallows have been brought to WWE television, they aren’t currently being booked on live events, claiming their removal from events following initial meetings that didn’t lead to the pair agreeing to new contracts.  

Should Gallows and Anderson actually exit WWE, Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling more than likely would be interested in signing the pair. However, due to their long history with members of the Elite (Young Bucks) from their time in NJPW and ROH, this would make them highly sought after by All Elite Wrestling. It should be notes that when the pair originally negotiated with Impact in 2016 and turned down an offer to sign with WWE, the company was under different management then.

Also, the fairly new WWE Network series “Botch Club” starring the pair was dropped right after its first debut episode, which could be another reason the duo is looking to exit WWE.

Wrestleview will continue to follow this story as it develops.