Live report from Monday Night Raw taping in Chicago

Chris sent this report in:

I attended the show in Chicago and wanted to report on the Post Raw match.

The post raw match went a little bit differently. Lilian got into the ring, the bell rang and she announced that it was time for the main event. The ring crew and camera guys were gesturing to here that there would be no main event. She got out of the ring and then back in and stated that due to the incident with Mr. McMahon, there would be no main event this evening. The crowd boo’d and there was a lot of heat.

The arena began to empty out. Approximately 5 minutes went by when Cena came down, grabbed a mic, and said the fans of Chicago wanted to see a World heavyweight Championship Main event and gosh darnit, that’s what chi-town was going to get.

Cena tossed his stuff as his shirt landed one row in front of me. The girl who got it was hysterical! Anyway, Jericho made his way to the ring and the match began.

With the Royal Rumble being this Sunday, it was a pretty intense match and was very physical. I was surprised they hung Cena out there for that long. Both guys used tables, chairs, and both ring staircases. I should note that Jericho threw one of the staircases into the ring and it barely cleared the top rope!

Cena attempted the FU several times, but Jericho got out of it. Finally Cena hit it, covered Y2J, and 1-2-3, CENA WINS!

He celebrated and got on the mic to thank the fans of Chicago. I have seen several post raw matches, but this one, by far was the best one.

Great website guys. Best of luck in 2009.

Chicago, IL