Reader email on Randy Orton “incident” at Raw event

ddmurdock9125964 sent this in:

Hi, Longtime reader. I’m from the LaCrosse area, and had 5th row seats and a great viewpoint of what happened. Basically, there were two incidents.

The 1st was an older male fan sitting in the 1st row ringside. He had a baseball cap on. Orton was just playing the heel role very well and interacting w/ the fan. He then grabbed the fan’s baseball cap and tossed it. The fan was obviously giving him the business….but loving it. The cap went a few rows back and was passed back to him. Later in the match Randy even looked down to him and said “What, do you have two ugly baseball caps?” The fan laughed. Orton was just healing it up. He was getting terrific heat, doing a great job, and it was obvious the fan was enjoying himself as well.

The 2nd incident happened w/ what seemed to be a teenage girl. Orton was consistently interacting w/ fans, and he tossed her cap as well. Now, I don’t know who this person is….but she seemed like she was a very “special” person…….she doesn’t know it’s a work. So she went a little crazy. In fact, I saw her complaining to security right after the event saying that she wanted to talk to the head of security. That jerk Randy Orton tossed her cap and pulled her hair and she was going to sue for the cost of her baseball cap. They rolled their eyes, and ignored her.

In other words…..this is just Orton doing a great job interacting w/ fans as a heel. Nothing more.

The house popped like crazy for Cena and his merch along w/ CM Punk’s were flying off the shelves. Orton got huge heat.