Triple H and Stephanie McMahon donate $1 million to children’s hospital this week

Triple H

KDKA CBS Pittsburgh is reporting that Paul “Triple H” Levesque and Stephanie McMahon donated $1 million to the UPMC Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh on Thursday.

The donation was made to help create a “family-centered MIBG Therapy Suite” for the families of children battling cancer. It was described as the “only of its kind.”

Both Triple H and Stephanie spoke with media about the donation.

Triple H:

“A lot of people said thank you today, I’d ask rather than say thank you, spread the word. What we did was not for thanks it was to get the word out. Everybody has to understand what is needed to make this change. Like the doctors said, we won’t stop until it’s 100% [cured].”

Stephanie McMahon:

“No child should ever get cancer. And there are so many kids who need so many different types of treatment and aren’t getting it.”