SPOILERS: Smackdown Tapings for January 16

The following took place on Tuesday in Omaha, NE.

Dark Match:

– Kung Fu Naki defeated Ryan Braddock.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Tapings for January 16:

– Opening segment was Vickie Guerrero walking out saying she got the last laugh when Triple H lost to Big Show last week in the Last Man Standing match. Triple H walks out with an envelope and said he bought back her nude photos from The Great Khali. He added that Khali showed it to everyone and sold them to Joey Styles. Triple H then had to offer Styles “big money” to get them back and apologizes if Styles left any “sticky” on them. Vickie said Triple H still wasn’t getting out of his match with Big Show tonight. Triple H then shows the nude photos on the TitanTron and pisses off Vickie. She then announces that MVP will now face Big Show in Triple H’s place with Triple H’s spot in the Royal Rumble on the line. Triple H is also banned from ringside.

– Matt Hardy & Finlay defeated ECW Champion Jack Swagger & Mark Henry. Hardy pinned Swagger.

– Backstage segment with Edge, Chavo, Vickie and Big Show. Big Show said he would take care of business tonight and win the Royal Rumble.

– Backstage, The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson try to intimidate R-Truth.

– Backstage, Todd Grisham interviews Michelle McCool. She said she isn’t mean and that everyone is just jealous of her. Victoria walks up and gets in her face.

– Backstage, Triple H is giving MVP a pep talk. MVP tells him not to worry since Big Show is so slow.

– R-Truth defeated The Brian Kendrick. Afterwards, Ezekiel Jackson beats down R-Truth.

– Backstage, Triple H threatens MVP that if he doesn’t win tonight then he will get to meet his friend the sledgehammer.

– MVP defeated Big Show in a Last Man Standing match to save Triple H’s spot in the Royal Rumble. Triple H interfered when MVP and Big Show were at the top of the entrance ramp and Big Show was about to chokeslam MVP off when Triple H walked out and clipped him in the knee with the sledgehammer.

– Another video for Umaga’s return airs.

– Backstage, Vickie requests Chavo to bring Triple H to her right away.

– Michelle McCool defeated Victoria.

– Backstage, Triple H reminds Vickie that he was “banned from ringside” and he said he didn’t go anywhere near it.

– Back in the arena, Victoria announced that her match with Michelle McCool would be her last match in WWE. She thanked the fans and said it was an honor to wrestle for them. Victoria said she loved doing it all and walked to the back as the fans started a “thank you” chant.

– The Cutting Edge with Jeff Hardy. Edge started saying he was glad Jeff and his fiancee were not injured in the hit-and-run car accident because he didn’t want his win at the Royal Rumble to be tainted at all. He then calls Jeff Hardy’s WWE Title run an accident and invites him out. Jeff Hardy then comes out and as his pyro goes off, it turns into a huge display and knocks him down. Hardy sells as medical personnel rush to attend to him. Edge is shocked.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online