Bret Hart attacker hall of fame

The crazy man who attacked Bret Hart at the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame last night was indentified as 26-year old, Zachary Madsen from Nebraska. According to Sean Ross Sapp, Madsen is said to be an amateur MMA fighter who’s record is 2-1.

According to NYPD, Madsen will face charges on two counts of third-degree assault, criminal trespass, and one other misdemeanor charge.

In addition to his attack on Bret Hart, CBS New York is reporting that a security guard received minor injuries during the brawl.

Many wrestlers jumped in the ring to help within a couple of seconds. Shane McMahon, The New Day, Travis Brown (Ronda Rousey’s husband and former UFC fighter), Davey Boy Smith Jr, and many others. Madsen received several shots while taken down.

Bret Hart was fine afterwards and did finish his speech.