Article on WWE job cuts – McMahon limo drivers gone

The Hartford Courant has an article at this link looking at the WWE layoffs yesterday noting that around 60 jobs were cut. PWInsider is reporting that number is believed to be closer to 85 jobs cut. The article did note that all wrestlers were safe since they were under contract. Of course that was not accurate with the releases of D’Lo Brown, Val Venis and Bam Neely.

For those who may have missed our reports yesterday, here is a recap of the job cuts by WWE that is known at this time: wrestlers D’Lo Brown, Val Venis and Bam Neely, referees Mike Posey, Kennan Quinn and Jimmy Korderas, producer Tim White and developmental wrestlers Kevin Thorn, Gavin Spears and Mike Kruel.

It should also be noted that Vince McMahon’s two limo drivers were both let go by WWE yesterday reports PWInsider. So it appears the cuts were coming from across the board within the company.