Another review of “Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia”

Jeff sent this review in for WWE Studios’ “Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia” DVD release starring Mr. Kennedy:

Just wanted to say it was a good one! Personally, my “best” is still See No Evil because I’m old enough where I miss those “trashy” horror flicks… Good movie? Prolly not, but I loved that it was a “hard R” and not the PG-13 “draw in the teen flick” stuff. Even if you hated it, lets face it: that’s what “The Marine” was.

As for why it worked…until now the WWE has put their wrestlers in a lead and tried to make them carry a film…Columbia…sure Kennedy is the draw, but he had a likable supporting cast and his dialogue was amusing and subdued…he was acting…not trying to act, and wasn’t trying to carry the film.

I’d hesitate to call it the best because it “felt” like a cheap film, but it was entertaining, and I always like to give props to good writers since I have my own site (film related, not wrestling).

Happy Holidays,