Video: WWE lists the 5 Superstars you didn’t know wore masks during their careers

WWE’s YouTube channel is featuring a video where they list the top 5 WWE Superstars that you didn’t know wore masks during their careers.

1.) The Hardy Boyz
The Hardy Boyz dressed as The Jinx Brothers on a 1995 edition of WWF Superstars when they were enhancement talent for the company. In 2000, they stole the Luchador costumes from Edge and Christian to trick them and win the WWF Tag Team Championships.

2.) Juan Cena (John Cena)
During a January 2019 backstage interview, John Cena in a luchador mask interrupted the Lucha House Party’s promo.

3.) Bray Wyatt
On the May 15, 2013 edition of NXT, Bray Wyatt wore a protective mask for a match against Danny Burch. The mask was similar to The Phantom of the Opera mask.

4.) Braun Strowman
As a member of The Wyatt Family, Strowman donned a black sheep mask upon his debut. Strowman would continue to wear the mask throughout his Wyatt Family tenure before dropping it after the Brand Extension in 2016.

5.) AJ Styles
In November 2017, AJ Styles came back to Osaka, Japan as part of the WWE Live circuit, a place where he made many memories before coming to WWE. Styles wore a “Too Sweet” mask to the ring to commemorate his time there. Styles would later wear the mask back in Japan in July 2018 and was joined by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

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