Report on scheduled plans for Smackdown and WWE Title

The current booking plan for Jeff Hardy as WWE Champion is for Edge to screw Jeff out of the title in what will more than likely include the surprise return of Christian reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. As reported on earlier, Christian is expected to be revealed as the storyline “mystery person” who attacked Jeff on the morning of the Survivor Series PPV.

Although booking plans are subject to weekly changes, the plan as of at least right now is to have Triple H vs. Edge for the WWE Title and Jeff Hardy vs. Christian in a grudge match at WrestleMania 25. The working plan is for Jeff to earn a title shot at WrestleMania either through the Royal Rumble or in the Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out against Edge, but decide to pass on it and have a grudge match with Christian. While there remains no confirmation that Christian has signed with WWE, the feeling from many sources in both WWE and TNA is that he is heading to WWE. Plus, if they have gone to the trouble of booking these plans well in advance then the belief is WWE feels pretty confident he will be signing.