WWE European Tour

The WWE will kick off its semiannual week and a half long tour of Europe today. RAW superstars (including Roman Reigns and Aleister Black) flew out after RAW on Tuesday morning. Smackdown stars are flying out today. The tour ends Friday, May 17. The two brands will be in Hartford, Connecticut on Sunday, May 19 for the Money in the Bank event.

The company will be taping episodes of RAW and Smackdown Live from the O2 Arena in London, England on Monday and Tuesday.

If you are attending any live events and would like to send in a full report, you can do so by emailing Mike@wrestleview.com or tweeting us via @wrestleview.

RAW Brand

* Wednesday, May 8: Belfast, Northern Ireland
* Thursday, May 9: Brussels, Belgium
* Friday, May 10: Marseille, France
* Saturday, May 11: Newcastle, England
* Sunday, May 12: Liverpool, England
* Monday, May 13: Monday Night RAW taping in London, England
* Tuesday, May 14: Paris, France
* Wednesday, May 15: Birmingham, England
* Thursday, May 16: Sheffield, England
* Friday, May 17: Cardiff, Wales

Smackdown Brand

* Thursday, May 9: Dublin, Ireland
* Friday, May 10: Helsinki, Finland
* Saturday, May 11: Stockholm, Sweden
* Sunday, May 12: Oslo, Norway
* Monday, May 13: Bournemouth, England
* Tuesday, May 14: Smackdown Live taping in London, England
* Wednesday, May 15: Magdeburg, Germany
* Thursday, May 16: Hamburg, Germany
* Friday, May 17: Berlin, Germany