WWE has posted video footage (view above) of R-Truth regaining the 24/7 Championship from Elias under the ring which did not not air on Tuesday’s episode of Smackdown Live. 

R-Truth lost the 24/7 Championship against Elias in a 24/7 Lumberjack Match.  After his win, and then being mauled by the other Lumberjacks, Elias made a quick escape under the ring, but was followed by R-Truth who slammed Elias’ head onto a steel chair for the three count to regain the 24/7 Championship.

Here is what actually aired courtesy of Roy Nemer’s Smackdown Live recap:

24/7 Lumberjack Match – R-Truth (c) vs. Elias

No other superstar will be able to pin the champion during the match. The bell rings and we are under way. R-Truth goes for the roll-up but Elias kicks out. Elias throws R-Truth to the outside as they start to stomp on him and throw him back in the ring. A knee to the face by Elias. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: New 24/7 champion, Elias

After the match, all the lumberjacks stand on the ring apron and get in the ring. They all attack Elias as he rolls to the outside of the ring. He crawls on the outside and faces R-Truth. He tries to run away and goes underneath the ring and R-Truth follows him along with the referee. The bell rings and we see R-Truth coming from under the ring holding the 24/7 title.

Winner: New 24/7 champion, R-Truth

After the match, R-Truth grabs his championship and runs through the crowd leaving.