Sean Waltman teaching again at Performance Center, Three NXT stars receive new names

Sean Waltman says he needs surgery

WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman revealed on Twitter (view below) that he is back teaching again at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Waltman noted he will be at the Performance Center for two weeks.

Three NXT stars receive new names

Garza Jr. posted to Twitter that he is now being called Angel Garza.

ACH, who used that name in Ring of Honor, was using his real name, Albert Hardie Jr. since his debut at NXT live events this past March posted to Twitter his new name is now Jordon Myles.

Hardie responded on Twitter to a fan’s dislike for the new name, noting he picked the new name because Michael Jordan is his hero and Myles is due to having an African American Spider-Man.

Jonah Rock posted to Twitter that his new name is now Bronson Reed, but noted that he will just be going by Bronson.

You can view the Twitter posts below from each NXT star.