Cathal Smith sent this report in:

The Arena Was About 80-85% Full .

Kane Vs Ezekiel Jackson
Lots Of Stalling By Ezekiel Throughout The Match.
WINNER : Kane Via Chokeslam

Layla Vs Beth Phoenix
Typical Diva Match.
WINNER : Beth Phoenix Via GlamSlam

The Hatrt Dynasty Vs The DudeBusters ( Croft And Barreta )
The DudeBusters Cut A Pre-Match Promo For Some Good Heel Heat.
WINNERS : The Hart Dynasty Via Double Sharpshoter On Croft And Bareta .

Dolph Ziggler Vs R Truth
Dolph Ziggler Stalled For Nearly The Full Match
WINNER : R Truth Via Inside Cradle.

Luke Gallows Vs John Morrison
WINNER : John Morrison Via Star Ship Pain
After The Match CM Punk Ran Down And Blindsided Morrison Which Led Rey Mysterio To Make The Save.

Drew McIntyre Vs Matt Hardy
Drew Cut A Pre-Match Promo Which Got Major Heat
WINNER : Drew McIntyre Via Future Shock DDT.

CM Punk Vs Rey Mysterio
A Fan Jumped The Barrier During CM Punks Entrance And Attacked Ring Announcer Tony Chimmel Befor He Was Taken Away By Security.
WINNER : Rey Mysterio Via 619 After John Morrison Came Out To Counter Interference By Luke Gallows.

Edge Vs Jack Swagger
Both Edge And Swagger Cut Pre-Match Promos Insulting Each Other.
WINNER : Edge Via DQ After Swagger Hit Edge In The Knee With A Steel Chair.
Edge Speared Swagger After The Match And Then Thanked The Crowd For Coming Out.