Jerry Lawler podcast

Glenn Moore, the podcast partner of Jerry “The King” Lawler for his “Dinner with The King” show, has been accused of scamming fans.

As reported by WMC5 out of Memphis, Tennessee, Moore announced on the show that fans could buy artwork created by Lawler. Jason Lurie, a fan of Lawler’s, initially gave $250 to Moore via PayPal for a piece of artwork. Lurie then commissioned a painting of his cat through Moore for $1,500. Months passed and the painting was never received. A refund could not be done because Lurie sent the payment using PayPal’s Family and Friends feature.

Lurie initially reached out to Lawler through social media, but never heard back. A certified letter was sent to Lawler’s house, but still no response. Finally, Lurie had a lawyer send a letter to Lawler stating that he could be held liable under Tennessee law because Moore acts as Lawler’s agent.

Lawler mentioned to WMC5 that Moore’s behavior changed after losing his job in December. Lawler’s attorney advised him to file a police report against Moore.

Lawler stated that he is very surprised by what Moore has done:

“I’m totally shocked by this behavior. I mean, we did like 90 podcasts together over a period of years. This is a guy I thought was a friend and I trusted him. I’m certainly sorry this has happened.”

Lawler stated that they will try to get Lurie’s money back or get the artwork he tried to buy. Several other fans have reached out to Lawler to state that Moore has scammed them as well. Lawler took to Twitter to warn his fans about the situation.