Jamie Stocker sent this in:

Just went to the WWE Q and A at Westfield in London just to pass some info on.

They showed a 2 hour edit of the best of Smackdown 10th Anniversary DVD on an IMAX screen followed by a 30 minute Q and A with John Morrison, Santino Marella, Mickie James and Gail Kim.

Santino on Jim Cornette: “I would like a Steel Cage match to the death and beat that little punk.”

The superstars also stated their favorite matches in WWE.

Gail Kim: her debut on RAW 2004

Mickie: Vs Trish at WM22

Morrison: vs Mysterio Sept 09

Santino also stated that his favorite match would occur in 2010 with a new tag team partner and would take the belts and defend them all year but would not say who it would be and said we would have to wait.

Mickie said she would like to do the psycho diva story again but do it a lot better, her leg is also fully healed and feels great. The event finished with everybody getting a shirt and autograph and during the Q and A Josh handed out numerous tickets to the tapings in London to random people during the Q and A. WWE should 100% do this again but should allow guests to actually meet the stars as their was only about 80 people.