SPOILERS: WWE NXT for tonight (April 13)

Update: Credit to Chris Kelley of fromheadlockstoheadlines.com


– NXT videos plays.

– Matt Striker in ring with rookies, loud you tapped out chant to Otunga.

– Challenge is to cut promo about a topic winner gets own entrance music boos for Daniel Bryan.

– Its a tie, Skip Sheffield and Wade Barrett, which Wade wins so he gets own music.

– Backstage promo with Darren Young and CM Punk about not joining SES.

– Wade Barrett vs. Christian – loud Y2J chant who is at ring side. Christian wins via killswitch then we get an Otunga promo.

– Backstage promo with The Miz and Bryan – Miz tells Bryan to go win a match.

– Bryan vs. William Regal. Regal wins in two minutes with running knee, The Miz attacked Bryan post match.

– Darren Young vs Luke Gallows – if Gallows wins Young joins SES. Young wins, CM Punk raises hand of Young and they leave together.

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